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Aspire, Attempt, Accomplish


The name itself is explanatory, A3 – Aspire, Attempt and Accomplish; an institution that understand your aspirations, fully equip you to attempt confidently and lends a hand in accomplishing your Goal of becoming IAS.

The company, A Cube Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has established its online presence with a nimble start in the year 2010 through this niche portal, www.iaspassion.com that aims to empower youngsters with information and knowledge relating to Civil Services Exam.

Our continuous endeavour to share motivation and guidance has always resulted in undivided drive to succeed in UPSC Exams. With a strong association with the candidates aspiring for top jobs, the advent of A-CUBE IAS (www.acubeias.com) is based on a premise that candidates need 360-degree preparation strategy covering a vast syllabus and hand holding till the final goal is not reached.


Civil Services are considered prestigious services in our country. Imparting education for the selection in these services is a huge responsibility as it defines the future of our nation.

A-Cube IAS came into existence with a mission to create impactful civil servants that can bring positive change for a better tomorrow. Therefore, A-Cube IAS has designed a right plan of action along with a brilliant mentorship which benefits the aspirants in their journey to become an IAS officer.

Success in Civil Services Exam appears to be a difficult task but it’s more about the direction, education, and right mentors one gets while preparing for the examination.

Just by confining your preparation to the exam-plan is not enough; you need to understand the intricacies involved and having sound understanding of the fundamental concepts, its applications and above all, practicing wide-ranging problems help you comprehend better, outperform the average candidates and give you a competitive edge.

From motivation to mentoring, it is a transition to stay relevant with the times. A-Cube IAS is truly an endeavour that promises to be a catalyst in improving your performance with relevant information, quality training, and effective evaluation to prepare you for this fierce competition.


A-Cube IAS is the brain-child of our visionary leader Mr. Atul Kapoor, Vice-President with the largest read magazine Pratiyogita Darpan and Co-founder www.iaspassion.com, a portal dedicated to IAS preparation.
Mr. Atul Kapoor is a motivator and prolific writer who brings fresh insights for IAS Preparation. Spending 33 years interacting with IAS aspirants, mentors and coaching experts, the seeds of A-CUBE IAS were sown long time back.
The experiences and problems shared by the successful candidates were enough to ignite the desire to venture into formal training wherein the aspirants can easily identify the problems and equip themselves with relevant information and are benefited with these valuable insights.
The experiences and problems shared by the successful candidates were enough to ignite the desire to venture into formal training wherein the aspirants can easily identify the problems and equip themselves with relevant information and are benefited with these valuable insights.
A-Cube IAS is an idea that is backed by a team of committed professionals and a band of outstanding faculty members with a vast experience in Civil Services Exam Training.
With a group of committed experts handling content creation and research to keep an eye on the evolving needs of the aspirants, quality and success is going to be the by-product.
The study resources have been prepared with years of experience that includes best quality practice assignments with assorted questions focusing on concepts, application and context.

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Why Choose Us?

For the most prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination preparation, A-Cube IAS has assimilation of highly experienced faculties with clear program goals and objectives.
To create a success training program we have taken care of the exam requirements and more important, the intricacies involved in preparation. Be it our flagship General Studies Foundation Course, Prelims Ace the pace program, Mains FastTrack Coverage or may be Interview Guidance Program, each one has defined objective and a mix of relevant coverage and right direction candidates needs for reaching their defined destinations.
Learning centered creative and innovative techniques adopted by A-Cube IAS are a step ahead of simple teaching; it enables candidates to build on their knowledge base with some constructive approaches and creative thinking enhances their perform.
Be it Offline classes or Online, our panache for technology helps in adopting effective strategies to impart knowledge and assess learning with timely feedback.
A-Cube IAS is give wings to your Aspiration and promise to be with you from Attempt to Accomplishment.

A-Cube IAS offers a wide range of options to choose from – Classroom Programs, Online Live Classes, Tablet Course and even Distance Learning Program.
A glance at the General Studies Foundation Course (800 Hours Program) makes it compelling choice and justifies the fee structure. Other courses available are Prelims Ace with pace, Mains Exclusive Program for General Studies and a few Optional Subjects available with us like History, Sociology, Public Administration, Political Science and Geography and Interview Guidance Program.
Besides, Prelims Mock-Tests and Mains Test-Series for assessing learning and preparedness.

For a working professional, preparing for Civil Services Exam is a big challenge. The most difficult question for the working professionals is that whether to leave job or simultaneously prepare for IAS Exam.
If you are serious about your endeavor, A-Cube IAS Online Classes offers you the best solution. Extensive use of technology for your advantage can save time and effort. You can attend Live Online Classes on the go or can watch these as per your convenience. Lectures by experienced faculty and doubt clearing sessions help you in better understanding and regular assignments and periodic test helps you in assessing your preparedness. Relevant and updates study material in shape of books and regular class updates available in Student’s Portal in pdf format to understand the topics in and out.
Make a smart study-plan, manage your time well and have the advantage of A-Cube IAS offerings to reach your Goal.