Rajamannar committee
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About Rajamannar Committee
  • In September 1969, the DMK Government of Tamil Nadu appointed a three member committee under the chairmanship of Dr. P.V. Rajamannar to consider the entire question of Centre-state relations.
  • After two year, in 1971, the committee submitted its report.
Important recommendations of the committee are:
  • An Inter-State Council should be constituted immediately.
  • Every Bill of national importance or which is likely to affect the interests of one or more States should, before its introduction in Parliament, be referred to the Inter-State Council and its views thereon should be submitted to Parliament at the time of introduction of the Bill.
  • Finance Commission should be made a permanent body.  
  • Planning Commission should be disbanded and its place should be taken by a statutory body.
  • Articles 356, 357 and 365 (dealing with President’s Rule) should be totally omitted.
  • The provision that the state ministry holds office during the pleasure of the governor should be omitted. 
  • Certain subjects of the Union List and the Concurrent List should be transferred to the State List.
  • The residuary powers should be allocated to the states.
  • All-India services (IAS, IPS and IFS) should be abolished.
  • The committee favored the vesting of residuary power of legislation and taxation in the state legislature.
  • The Committee identified the reasons for the prevailing unitary trends in the country. They include: 
    • Certain provisions in the Constitution which confer special powers on the Centre 
    • One-party rule both at the Centre and in the states.
    • Inadequacy of states’ fiscal resources and consequent dependence on the Centre for financial assistance
    • The institution of Central planning and the role of the Planning Commission.
  • The Central government completely ignored the recommendations of the Rajamannar Committee.