UPSC CSE Preparation Strategy for Beginners with ACube IAS

  1. Have you understood the complete Exam-Plan and related requirements at each stage of the examination?
  2. Are you aware about the level of the examination and intricacies involved?
  3. Have you undertaken self-assessment? Are you clear that this examination has certain standard and the task you are taking in hand requires unconditional commitment?
  4. Have you fixed a timeframe for your endeavour? As success in uncertain due to stiff competition, one shouldn’t appear in Civil Services Examination without planning.
  5. Do you have strong will power, persistence and patience? Not all are fortunate to get success in the first attempt. One must have endurance to fight back after the failed attempt.
  6. Do you have a back-up plan ready? In case, you didn’t succeed in CSE, you must have some back-up career that takes care of your living and give you a new direction.