Current Affairs ( Till Prelim Exam 2022) Current Affairs ( Till Prelim Exam 2022)

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Fresh Batch Starting from 15th January 2022

Looking at the present scenario, A-CUBE IAS is offering flexibility to candidate for Foundation Course who are preparing for General Studies for Civil Services Exam (Prelims & Mains).

With this initiative, if you wish to join the General Studies course for only limited components that option is also available. Though, our advice would be to go for complete Foundation Course for a seamless preparation.

However, if you want to prepare module-wise, ascertain which subject/s you plan to pick. If you are weak at one or two components, choose only that/those. If you want to capitalize on your strong area, you can add another constituent to have the advantage of expert guidance and answer-writing practice. The subject-module will cover Online Live Classes, Study Material, and Tests in the subject/s chosen.

It’s ideal for those who do not want to enroll for the full course and has limited fund at one’s disposal.

Schedule of the classes will be intimated in advance. It may be covered at one go or part-wise.

Approximate Duration and Fee for the individual module is mentioned below.

Any student choosing 3 and more modules will get a discount of 20% on the total fee.

  • 80 hrs
  • 2-3 hrs/day ( on weekend only)
  • Fee: 15,000 (including GST )



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