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₹ 18,000 Offline Mode

  • Starting: 17th February 2022
  • GS Mains Test Series for practice and to evaluate preparedness
  • Total 23 Tests comprising 15 Full Length Tests
  • Full length Test Mains GS Paper 1-4 tests as per UPSC current trends
  • Classroom Test Series; also available in Online Mode
  • Post Test discussion by Subject Experts on the A-Cube IAS Website.
  • Modal Answers will be uploaded on the Website with Explanations
  • Evaluation and feedback on the A-Cube IAS Website.
  • Test Series also Available for the following Optional Subjects:
  • - History
  • - Geography
  • - Political Science & International Relations
  • - Sociology
  • - Public Administration

When you write IAS Main Exam, your intellectual traits, range of ideas, the depth of understanding the topic and their presentation is tested. Intellectual traits and depth come with lot of studies but presentation and swiftness will come with more practice. Swiftness is another desirable trait which one must have as you to write 4000 words in three hours and it is not easy if one is not practicing regularly.
So, it is prudent to have a lot of answer-writing practice. Thus, you must join a Test Series, which can offer you a wholesome simulation of Main exam. By doing so, you evaluate your preparation before you face the real ordeal. It is strategic as well to understand your preparedness as well as to assess your strengths and weaknesses well before UPSC evaluates you.
Mains is the stage that sets tone for your final outcome; hence, the quality of questions you face and how best you answer them matters a lot. Succinct answer with the right content is the key. A-Cube IAS Mains Test-Series can act as a strategic tool to judge the level of preparation with meticulously designed questions as per UPSC Exam trends.
Post evaluation, you can analyse your performance and overcome the deficiency .if executed properly, we are sure you can score well if you are the first timer or catapult yourself by huge marks, if it is your 2nd or further attempt.
 After each test, test will be discussed by the respective subject teacher and your answer script will be given back by the time you come for the next test.



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