Page: 1 Amid Cabinet reshuffle buzz, eight States get new Governors

Page: 1 Release Bhima Koregaon case accused: UN body

Page: 2 Crimes against women saw over 63% rise in 2021 so far

Page: 6 Fresh stirrings on federalism as a new politics

Page: 6 Venezuela’s reflections on the Carabobo

Page: 7 Seeking a paradigm shift in mental health care

Page: 7 Unpacking China’s game plan

Page: 7 Vacancies send a wrong signal

Page: 8 ‘Tele law services empowering voiceless’

Page: 11 Ethiopia resumes filling disputed dam

Page: 12 Indian bond yields spike as crude surges

Page: 12 Oil soars to multiyear highs after OPEC+ talks collapse

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