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Review plan to open up international travel: PM 

Modi chairs meet over emergence of Omicron strain

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 ‘Lawmakers do not assess impact of laws’ 
CJI says people misunderstand role of judiciary

Page 6 ‘Jaitapur would be the world’s most powerful nuclear plant’
With a remit to provide electricity to seven crore households, Jaitapur will benefit Maharashtra with thousands of jobs, says French diplomat

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1,000 held in 20 countries in financial crime crackdown

Interpol intercepts about $27 million in the cyber¬enabled offences

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‘Judges should maintain discretion’

President says he is happy that the Indian judiciary has been adhering to the highest standards

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‘One in two deliveries in private hospitals through C-section’

It stands at 14.3% in public health facilities: NFHS data

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Enhance virus surveillance: WHO

‘Tailored public health and social measures must continue to prevent transmission’

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India, South Africa discuss plans for TRIPS waiver push

Goyal holds talks with counterpart over access to vaccines

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Does data protection Bill have safeguards on privacy?  

What does it say on the government’s role, social media regulation and justification of seeking personal details?

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Have India and U.S. resolved tariff and visa issues?

What are the key sticky points that impede better trade relations between Washington and New Delhi?

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Socialists, liberals and Greens — all together

Germany’s unlikely trio formed an alliance under the leadership of centre-left leader Olaf Scholz to lead the country in the post-Merkel era