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Omicron risk: Centre tightens rules for overseas travellers 

14-day travel details, negative RT¬PCR test must; flight resumption under review

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Govt. lists farm law repeal on today’s House agenda

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Scale up supplies 

Vaccines must be made widely available across the world if the pandemic is to end

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Questionable criterion 

The SC is right in asking for basis on which Centre fixed income limit for EWS quota

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What the Omicron variant means for India 

It could pose a threat to progress made in the COVID¬19 fight, but additional information is needed

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COP26 pledges need a new climate of cooperation  

Developing economies such as India are burdened with other issues and require the help of the developed North

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The importance of local language
It is not unreasonable to argue that learning the local language would help students communicate better

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Smartphone access for learning not adequate

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India has turned into a nation of job creators, not seekers: PM 

Modi hails surge in start-ups in country, says they are now solving global problems

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Cooperative model best suited for India, says Shah 

‘It will ensure inclusive development’

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India, Bangladesh to deepen ties as partners, says Goyal 

It is imperative to improve connectivity, says Minister