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Govt. says Rs. 8 lakh EWS cap derived after study

SC probes Centre on the reasoning behind income limit

TTD, Ramakrishna Mission lose FCRA nod
They are among the 6,000 NGOs whose registration was not renewed by Centre

Russia-led troops deployed in Kazakhstan
Dozens killed in Central Asia Republic as protests over rising prices escalate

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‘Sanjay Lake losing birds to pollution’

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Seasonal fluctuations in darters’ movements being monitored

Ringing of birds done at Bharatpur sanctuary after 22 years

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Study on to reduce SilverLine’s impact, says Kerala CM

‘Alternatives proposed to the project won’t yield desired results’

First open rock museum inaugurated Rocks from across India displayed on CSIR-NGRI campus

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No room for complacency

Omicron’s mild nature is more due to the protection offered by vaccines

Exception and exemption
Djokovic must clarify on the exemption he got or risk being seen as wanting an exception

The politics of a Minimum Support Price
Facilitating a bargain between wealth accumulators and welfare seekers seems to have become the key function of politics

Extinguishing the tobacco industry’s main narrative
Tax is not the core driver for the illicit trade in cigarettes, as the industry would like people to believe

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Is it right to increase the age of marriage of women to 21?

Empowerment of women through education should be a priority irrespective of the law

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Renaming Arunachal locations a ridiculous exercise, says India

Beijing should not complicate the bilateral relations further, says Ministry

Use drones more effectively: Civil Aviation Ministry
Several Ministries receive suggestions for a range of uses, from surveillance to disaster management

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HAL jet trainer demonstrates its prowess

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Reliance raises $4 bn in foreign currency bonds

‘Largest issuance by an Indian firm’

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The status of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty