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Polls in five States from February 10 to March 7

Respect laws passed by T.N. Assembly, CM tells Governor

India to export mango to U.S. after hiatus

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Pushed by poverty to give away their newborns

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Demand revives for accountability law

Rajasthan’s Congress govt. reminded of promise made in 2018 manifesto

A ‘village of books’ in all Maharashtra districts
It seeks to popularise Marathi books

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Fruits of his relentless labour dot campuses

Biology teacher Raphi Ramanath on a mission to increase tree cover across Kerala

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Great expectations: Assembly polls will influence the course of national politics

The election outcomes will set the tone for 2024 across parties and issues

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India tops Sri Lanka’s tourism list

Destination weddings, ‘Ramayana trail’ have become favourites of Indian visitors

‘App case accused trying to delay probe, not cooperating’
Main accused in ‘Bulli Bai’ case tried to harm himself: police

Govt. blocks multiple social media handles

‘LCA MK1A to take flight in June’

A larger aircraft will be rolled out by year end or early 2023, says HAL MD

PM urged to steer India away from divisive forces
IIM students flag silence on hate speech

Two techies add colour to Kolkata
Having worked on Delhi Metro stations, IIT graduates are painting the City of Joy

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Gharials to return to Orang National Park

It is to be expanded to more than thrice its existing size; to include dolphins, turtles

Five primate carcasses found in Assam forest
Poachers kill them for skin and tails

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Maldives inks key deals with China

Beijing agrees on visa exemption for Maldivians, signs aid pact on infrastructure

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NCBS: Zebrafish study reveals how the brain makes its connections

How nerve-end connections known as synapses form is highlighted in this study of Purkinje neurons in the cerebellum of knockout zebrafish

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Can online bullying of women be punished?

What are the laws under which people who spread misogyny and hate may be stopped?