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Govt. to hold 35.8% stake in Vodafone Idea

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Extending GST compensation as a reform catalyst

The transition to GST is still in progress and an extension will provide comfort to States to help roll out crucial changes

Young knights
Indian chess needs tournaments that pit the country’s best against the world’s strongest

Treating the planet well can aid progress
An integrated perspective is necessary as social and environmental problems cannot be addressed in isolation anymore

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Hate speech in the time of free speech

It is important that specific and durable legislative provisions be enacted to combat hate speech

Making a case for side hustling
It is time for companies to stop preventing their employees from holding multiple jobs

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BrahMos advanced variant test fied

The extended range naval version of the missile was launched from a destroyer

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Suspension of MLA is worse than expulsion, observes SC

‘It affects a constituency’s right to be represented in House’

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Ties with NATO have reached a ‘moment of truth’: Russia

Pig’s heart beating inside human

57year-old receives organ from genetically modified pig as last resort treatment

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‘India will lead global growth this decade’

Future is ‘bridgital’: Tata Sons chief

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Election Campaign Funding by political parties

The Government bailout of Vodafone Idea

What changes have been approved for Vodafone Idea? How much of a role will the Government play in the functioning of the telecom operator?