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SC upholds OBC quota in NEET
‘Open exam only ensures formal equality, does not end ingrained inequalities’

Focus on rights made India weak, says PM

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HC asks what if exception to rape law was gender-neutral

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Court and compensation

The Supreme Court has done much to grant some succour to the kin of COVID-19 victims

Yemen’s tragedy
Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE must rein in proxies and work towards rebuilding Yemen

Drop the IAS cadre rules amendments
States are right in perceiving the planned amendments to Rule 6(1) to be an infringement of their rights

The gentleman spymaster who had India enthralled
Those serving the R&AW would do well to note the principles that Rameshwar Nath Kao practised with aplomb

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Should the government loosen its purse strings?

As inflation is driven by supply-side factors, tax policy can be used to cushion its impact

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Assam, Meghalaya CMs meet Amit Shah on boundary issues

Home Ministry to examine regional committee reports before further talks

Fall in deputations to Centre in 2021
Only 10% mid-level IAS officers were posted with Union govt., DoPT figures say

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Environment Ministry plan to rank States draws ire

It doesn’t intend to hasten green clearances: officials

Extended range BrahMos tested
Launch conducted by BrahMos Aerospace in coordination with DRDO teams

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U.S. warns Russia on invading Ukraine

Any incursion would be met with a ‘severe’ response from the U.S. and its allies, says White House

Houthis used drones, missiles in Abu Dhabi attack, says UAE
‘Weapons targeted civilian sites and some were intercepted

U.S. warship’s South China Sea passage sparks row
PLA says forces deployed to drive it away

‘Havana Syndrome’ not a foreign campaign: report

Text & Context
The question of OBC reservation in local bodies

The shift from Jakarta to Nusantara

Why is Indonesia changing its capital city? Is it the first country to move its metropolis?

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