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Six killed in Mumbai high-rise fire

24 injured in blaze on 19th floor of 20-storey Building

Work on time-bound targets, PM tells officials
Modi speaks to District Magistrates

German Navy chief strikes a tough note on China

J&K leaders are leading youth astray: Shah

Peace in Union Territory dependent on good governance, says Home Minister

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Counting tigers amid threat of COVID-19

Some 300 staff fanned out across Bandipur to start the quadrennial tiger count

Kerala gets its first ever scientific bird atlas
KBA is arguably Asia’s largest bird atlas in terms of geographical extent

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Jammu & Kashmir eyeing Dubai-based groups for funds

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Antrix-Devas may not be last such high-profile row

Many challenges faced by tech firms entering private sector

Soren writes to PM on IAS cadre rules

National master plan portal to be ready by end of March

Farmer suicides still haunt Vidarbha

More deaths in 2021 than in previous year

Disability activists flag concerns in new accessibility norms
2021 guidelines had made changes in dimensions and heights, leading to confusion on the standards to be followed

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Taliban delegation heads for Oslo talks

Afghan regime’s meeting with Western officials to focus on human rights and humanitarian aid

Biden, Kishida vow to ‘push back’ on China
They seek to strengthen U.S.-Japan alliance, slam N. Korea’s spate of missile tests

Zen master, who brought mindfulness to West, dies
Thich Nhat Hanh opposed Vietnam War

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More evidence of excess deaths in India during pandemic

A recent paper in Science concluded India’s cumulative COVID19 deaths were six to seven times higher than reported official mortality

Two species of fungi associated with basal stem rot found
Future studies can use the public database entry for early detection of the pathogen

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Why is 5G rollout a problem near U.S. airports?

What are the differences in the way the technology is deployed in other countries and in America?

Cadre rules plan
Why have States raised questions about the Centre’s proposed changes on civil servants’ deputation?

Is suspension of MLAs up for judicial review?
Can members of legislative assemblies be barred beyond one session? Does a one-year ban violate the Constitution?

What can cause an aircraft to fly into terrain?
How frequent are such mishaps? What type of technology and pilot training are required to avert these accidents?

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India’s reliance on Chinese goods surged in 2021

Shipments of finished electronics to intermediate chemicals from China rose sharply, lifting imports to a record $97.5 bn

‘Public Wi-Fi can create 2-3 crore jobs’