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Pakistan sends India a plea by Hindu body for air pilgrimage
Officials in Delhi, Islamabad cautious, say government clearances may take time

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In conjunction

Individual obligation is meaningful only when rights are guaranteed by the state

Not mild for all
India has admitted community transmission in the belief Omicron is mild

Tackling the Omicron wave, getting future-ready
States can benefit from the use of the learnings so far as India is more likely to mirror South Africa’s trajectory

Dealing with the macroeconomic uncertainties
The Union Budget needs to maintain an accommodative fiscal stance to support the sustainability of economic growth

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The devastating impact of school closure

By closing schools for this long and providing just online education, we have violated children’s rights

India needs a national vision
Only then will there be coherence in multi-sectoral and multi-ministerial policymaking and execution

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PM urges children to follow Netaji’s example

‘Spread message of vocal for local’

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Rumblings in AI as Tatas assign grooming supervisors

India, Israel mark a major milestone

Marital rape: Centre seeks time in HC

Not possible to respond immediately when there is no imminent threat: SG

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Amid Ukraine crisis, NATO sends planes, ships to eastern Europe

U.S., Britain and Australia order diplomats’ families to leave Kiev

Pakistan gets its
first woman SC judge

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‘India can make $300bn electronics by 2026’

Challenges must be overcome: report

Text & Context
The challenge of antimicrobial resistance

What is the GRAM report? How is antimicrobial resistance affecting global health practices?

Rights, duties and the Constitution
It is only after a guarantee of the sum of all promised by the Constitution that citizens can be asked to do their duty

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