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Rampant human trafficking from Gujarat in the spotlight

The death of a family from Gujarat on the U.S.-Canada border has prompted the State police to launch a probe into the activities of local agents

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A.P. to create 13 new districts

No mention of three Capitals, abolition of Council during Governor’s speech

Spot-billed pelicans dying en masse in Andhra Pradesh
Nematode infestation triggers mass mortality of the birds in Naupada swamp of Srikakulam district; only 200 birds left

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Keeping faith 

People-to-people initiatives can help build goodwill between India and Pakistan

Taxing drama
The Centre must conclude the retroactive tax disputes and ensure policy predictability

The substance of the U.P. elections
Smoke signals from Uttar Pradesh could pose a challenge to Hindutva politics beyond the State

Unlock India’s food processing potential
Growing populations and unrestricted use of natural resources must push nations to have an efficient food value chain

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30% vacancies in Central offices as promotions on hold

Employees have sent petitions to Personnel Dept.

India slams Pakistan at UN Security Council
Islamabad supporting terrorists, it says

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PM to hold Central Asia summit today

Trade, connectivity on the agenda for the conference; Afghanistan situation also to be taken up

Decommissioned INS Khukri to be converted into museum
The Navy vessel handed over to Diu administration

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Xi offers Central Asian nations $500 mn

He chaired a virtual summit with regional leaders, two days before India’s virtual summit with them

Russia hits out at West over threats of sanctions on Putin
Kremlin says this will hurt efforts to lower Ukraine tensions

U.S. should give legal security guarantees on NATO: Russia
Envoy says Moscow expects a written response from U.S.

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The ‘racial profiling’ of the Chakmas and Hajongs

When did these migrant communities arrive in Arunachal Pradesh? Where did they settle? Why does the State want to relocate them?

Invention and reinvention of ethnicity

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