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Die is cast

U.P. goes to the polls with parties trying to mobilise people on communal and caste lines

Interrogating the false merit-reservation binary
The Supreme Court’s recent order advances an interpretation that is consistent with the ideals of equality, social justice

Sex and violence
The Government should spell out its current stand on marital rape

India calling with quite a lot of trade in mind
A ‘new age’ free trade deal with India remains critical in anchoring the United Kingdom economically to the Indo-Pacific

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22nd Law Commission to study UCC

RS debates use of private Bills to amend Preamble to Constitution

Aware of data theft concerns on e-passports: Jaishankar

‘Precautions taken to ensure privacy and safety’

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Villagers resist sanctuary tag for langur habitat

They want it to be a community forest resource

Page 11
China, Russia hail ‘new era’ in relations

Joint statement after Xi-Putin talks slams NATO, blames U.S.’s Indo-Pacific strategy for regional tensions

China, Pak. ink new CPEC agreement

India’s diplomatic boycott of Olympics applauded in U.S.

Washington stands with its partners and allies, the State Department says about the Indian decision

U.S. warns of Moscow’s ‘false flag’ Ukrainian attack
Russia wants to fabricate a pretext for invasion: Pentagon

Blinken to join Quad meeting in Australia
External Affairs Minister Jaishankar is also expected to attend the meeting

Page 12
Oil, gas will keep meeting India’s ‘baseload’ energy demand: Puri

‘Global energy market to be shaped by country’s needs

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