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Nation mourns its ‘nightingale’

Lata Mangeshkar passes away at 92; Centre announces 2-day national mourning

Centre to tweak no-build zone around monuments

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An oasis in the heart of a concrete jungle

Environmentalists and birders seek protection for Basai wetlands in Gurugram before it is too late

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Satkosia making fresh attempts to become a suitable tiger habitat

Forest dept. is relocating three villages from the core area

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Rare insect sighted in Seshachalam

A Tirupati photographer has clicked black percher, a dragon fly species, recently

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Fixing frequencies first

Policymakers must make sure that the 5G economic payoff will outweigh the high cost

Death of a terrorist
Geopolitical and sectarian faultlines in Iraq and Syria enhance the threat from the IS

The interpretative answer to the hijab row
The courts will be called upon to protect an essential religious practice

Weighing in on a health data retention plan
A privacy-centric process is needed to determine what data to retain and for how long

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India’s ‘return’ to Central Asia

While the gains from engaging Central Asia may be minimal, non-engagement could be costly

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Sitharaman to discuss aviation fuel’s inclusion in GST regime

‘Keeping a close watch on U.S. Fed’s decisions and global inflationary pressures’

SC to weigh between ‘national security’, judicial scrutiny

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Russia 70% combat-ready for invasion: U.S.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says Russia could invade Ukraine within days or weeks

China, Pakistan hit out at ‘unilateral’ Kashmir moves

N. Korea is continuing its nuclear programmes: UN
‘DPRK is seeking material, technology’

Queen marks 7 decades of reign

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Dominant India beats England, makes it high-five at the pinnacle

Text & Context
Redrawing the electoral map of the Union Territory of J&K

How have the constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir been reframed? What has been the response from local leaders?

Understanding Artificial Neural Networks

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