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Santishree Pandit is first woman VC of JNU

China defends choice of PLA Galwan soldier as torchbearer

India had announced a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics

India’s support gave ties new energy, says Sri Lankan Foreign Minister

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Kerala Governor gives assent to Lok Ayukta Ordinance

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When the music stops

Despite the U.K.’s success in vaccination, Boris Johnson’s leadership is under scrutiny

A dose of science in the vaccination strategy
Vaccination and booster dose plans must have context in the backdrop and be informed by epidemiological evidence

Notes for India as the digital trade juggernaut rolls on
Sitting out trade negotiations could result in the country losing out on opportunities to shape the rules

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Universalise maternity benefit scheme, say activists

Govt. has said PMMVY will cover second child only when it is a girl

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Macron meets Putin over Ukraine row

French President hopeful of a ‘start towards deescalation’, to meet Ukranian counterpart later in Kiev

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Public borrowing won’t crowd out private investment: FM

Opportune time for investments by companies, she asserts

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RBI’s digital currency plans

Why is the Government introducing CBDCs? What will be the risks in the transition to a new monetary system?

The BrahMos deal and India’s defence exports
Has the domestic defence manufacturing industry grown? How is the Government making military export sales easier?

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