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‘Expect FTA with UAE in force by May’

Russia starts nuclear drills; Biden says war imminent

Forces moving closer to border: Austin

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Sabarimala to see development through corporate sponsorships

Hilltop is set to get a slew of amenity projects worth !30 cr.

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First batch of MH-60R copters to arrive by July

They are likely to be based in Kochi

Narendra Modi flags of 100 ‘kisan drones’
New chapter in modern farming facilities, he says

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Night pollinators: how moths help the Himalayas

These insects have so far received less scientific attention than bees and butterflies

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West voices fears of Russia-China axis

Blatant attempt to rewrite global order: EU chief

‘China warship fired laser at patrol plane’

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Can dark matter be composed, even partly, of black holes?

Most ‘visible’ galaxies are like discs embedded in a dark matter halo that is much larger in size

Pune telescope helps in major breakthrough

New observations help explain the universe’s most energetic objects

The study focussed on the supermassive black hole at the centre of galaxy Messier 77

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Trade pact to boost jewellery exports to UAE, says Secretary

India eases tariff on gold imports, jewellery gets zero-duty access to UAE market

‘Pandemic spurred a breed of educated investors’
Youngsters entering market is fantastic: Bridgeweave chair

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